God’s timing means everything. It’s amazing to think how meticulously He shapes our paths. Buying a house can be a long process, and most of the time it is. David’s lease to his apartment is up at the end of September and we were unsure of how we were going to plan a wedding, work full time, and buy a house, plus move him in before the month was over. After praying, discussing with family, and busting our butts, we decided that it would be the best option for us (the low interest rates had a bit of a push), and God couldn’t have timed it better. We also could not have done any of this without family support, our realtor, friends’/co-workers’ advice, and the countless times my mom went with us to the open houses listed in the newspaper.

First rule of business is moving in—most of my stuff will stay at my parents’ house as they will still be my roommates until David and I get back from our honeymoon. David’s whole apartment will need to transition to our new house by the end of this week. We’ve had friends volunteer to help and his parents are coming from Houston as well.  Second order of business is new wood stain on the cabinets; David asks me almost every day “are you sure you want the cabinets darker?” It’s only because he knows how much work it will be and he thinks I will change my mind…not happening. Shout out to my sister for getting me a “honey-do list” marker board for our non-existent refrigerator. I will definitely be using that, just as soon as we purchase our new appliances. Third—my craft room blueprints. Ok, I won’t have blueprints, but I’ll have a craft room that I have designed on a piece of computer paper with a pencil and some measurements that don’t make any sense. Either way, my craft room is happening and on Sundays, while David is watching football, I will be crafting all. day. long. On a serious note, this is just another blessing in which we should give God all of the glory for His constant grace and love through everything we accomplish in life.

I’ve added some pictures of our new home below.


No more weekends…

It’s crazy to think that I have no free weekends from now until we’re back from our honeymoon. We’re now less than 2 months away from the wedding & it’s all becoming so real, so quick. We have a lot to do, but we couldn’t be more excited for that day to hurry and get here. If David had the wedding plans his way, (and believe me he’s made this clear numerous times), he would have BBQ and horseshoes in East Waco. First of all, that sounds great, but we can have BBQ and horseshoes any day of the week. It’s not every day that we get married, right? LADIES? Second of all, mosquitoes and Ashley do not get along, and working in the hospital has made me very cautious of West Nile. Lately, I’ve been scaring myself into thinking I will be a “psycho” mom, like those carrying a full-size first aid kit in their purse along with other things that may not be normal. For instance, I’ve been carrying my “ Deep Woods OFF” spray everywhere. And seriously, why am I the ONLY one spraying myself down when I am outside? Ok, I may have a little anxiety—but if you ask David, he’ll say that I analyze until I come up with the worst possible scenario. I like to think that I am a very responsible person who must be super mature and prepared. So you see our different ways of thinking, right? We can save the discussion of the man’s way of thinking versus a woman’s for another blog post. Despite our differences, we have one definite thing in common: we know we could not be more blessed to have the most wonderful, loving, and generous family/friends a couple could ever have.  More than anything, I am thankful for such a go-with-the-flow and quiet (when need be) fiance—who has been extra involved, building things for me and running errands when asked. It gives me a clear indication of how he’ll be as a husband and I am so very lucky. We are so excited to begin this new chapter in our lives; having a place of our own, where we’ll start a family and eventually grow into a big one.

David and I at our shower today. 9-15-12

blogging for the first time…

I’m only planning a wedding, working full time, buying a house, coaching high school cheerleaders, and doing Mary Kay facials for women. Why not add one more thing to the list, right? Nah, it’s not that bad! All I can say is, I’m blessed! There are many changes happening in my life, from beginning a new life with my soul mate to attempting to understand all of the ins and outs of the house market. My life is crazy and I couldn’t be happier. The name of my blog was created to encompass my life. It may seem vague, cliché or insignificant, but it means everything to me. If you really think about it, we are created to love so I believe I should be living to love in absolutely everything I do, even though we’re human and all struggle with this. It may not be happiness 100% of the time; I will write about my perspective on marriage, possibly [some] hot topics (not to be confused with “The View”-my opinion will seem much different than theirs), crafting and house projects, Faith, and inspirational people. My vision is to inspire ONE person, just one, while also inspiring myself to keep a journal about my daily joys and challenges. We call them “growth areas” in the field of social work—see, mom and dad, I did learn something. And yes, I know now that Tsunami is NOT a country. Side note: in college, I asked my parents where Tsunami was located and for a split second they actually pondered the rationale behind sending me to private school- I made them doubt that it actually made a difference. Morally, I believe it made a difference- but that’s beside the point. They (meaning people like me) say journaling therapy really works…well, we’ll have to see. I welcome myself to the world of blogging on September 11, 2012.