Jamaica Mon

Better late than never on this post. Let me preface this post by saying, we LOVE Jamaica. As David and I traveled to Jamaica for the first time, anxiety set in as #1, I am not a huge fan of flying, although it doesn’t completely terrify me and #2 most people know how obsessed I am with checking food to ensure it was safe to eat—and you all know how much I love food. We left Sunday morning and arrived in Jamaica Sunday afternoon. We immediately fell in love with the people as they constantly say three important things: No problem, mon. Respect (instead of thank you), and Yeahmon (as if it’s one word). David and I still catch ourselves saying these things, just out of habit. Our first night we walked around the resort that consisted of numerous restaurants/bars and different shops and activities. Most days consisted of the beach, the best jerk chicken served from a cart (yes, I tried it…3 times), naps, and dinner time. That is until the unfathomable happened…David got sick. Initially, panic set in because as most people know, I don’t do well with stomach illness. I know what you’re thinking. What is she going to do when she has children who are vomiting?—and the answer is: there are two parents in this household and David married me knowing that I had this intense quirk. And no it will not get better with time because I’ve read the Emetophobia blogs…they’re out there.
After a couple of hours of David feeling sick “turtled” on by, I found myself internally calming down and trying everything I possibly could to make him feel better. I believe I borrowed approximately 30 pepto-bismol from a random stranger who took me into her room (I know it’s bad, I was desperate). Some important facts people should know when traveling to Jamaica and getting sick: you have to have a Rx to get Immodium. If you tell the Jamaican nurse that your husband is sick, she’ll give you a pack of some sort of salt mixture and force him to drink it for 24 hours. The housekeeper will tell you “you need to make him some peppermint tea,” which by the way David says caused all the healing. And the mini bar stocker will automatically visit your room approximately 5 times a day because he knows your husband is sick. Needless to say, Jamaica took care of us! David has not been sick in the 3 years that I have known him and he just so happens to get sick on our honeymoon. If that’s not God testing our strength, then I don’t know what is. It was my first experience taking care of someone and I gained so much insight on what it takes to be a good wife just within that one day. When David felt sick, and panic rushed through my body, we decided to pray. I can honestly say that after asking God to give me the strength I needed to care for David and the gift of healing, anxiety was released from my body and immediate relief set in. We did not allow that day to set us back. We had a blast and would travel back to Jamaica without a doubt…this time with a pharmacy.


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