The scrapbook struggle

Hey everyone!

I’m back with a page, that was not-so-simple to put together, created with the Hip Kit Club (March 2017) Kits! I have to admit, this one was a major struggle for me. It took me about 3 times to get it “right,” and I still don’t super love it.

I started with the beautiful black and white text paper as my background. I started layering behind my photo and at this point, I didn’t love the look of everything, but decided to keep going any way. I then realized after adding lots of embellishments (Oh my Heart, Little by Little, and Lovely Day), that I should mute the background. I grabbed some of the white Shimmerz Paints that came in a past color kit, and adding some of the pink Pasteez (Shimmerz Paints) from March’s Color Kit. I felt that this looked a lot better!

I decided to cut out the black and white paper, and sew it on to the a purple background from our Cardstock Kit. I liked this a lot! I then started adding my layers and something still didn’t look right!

In the end, I decided to take away the feather next to the photo, and add a couple of circular elements, along with words from the “Little by Little” patterned paper that came in our Paper Kit!

I sort of love the end result. Sometimes this happens, and it’s ok! Not all of my layouts come together quickly or simply.

HKC April 8 LOIMG_8767IMG_8768

I hope you’ve gained some inspiration from this page!

Have a wonderful Saturday!


Ashley Fowler



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