Since I love a challenge…I’m going to attempt to describe myself in 5 words.

1. God-loving

2. Loyal

3. obsessed-scrapbooker-wannabe

4. Driven

5. Over-analyzer (says David)

Let’s face it, I can’t just say a few words and be done; I’m a talker. I’m a good listener too–which leads me into my next thought. I am also a therapist, which according to my husband means I’m a “mind ninja” because I over-analyze everything in my personal life. Which is (mostly) true, but at least I’m not an under-analyzer (I made it up to make myself feel better). I digress. Even though you really can’t digress when you never even started the story. Back on track for real this time. What can I say? You’re visiting my blog because you most likely saw a crafty post that led you here. I love scrap booking. It takes me into a fantasy world (except it’s real) where I can get lost and just create. The best part is when I’m done and stare at my page for a good minute or so, I then show my husband and he responds the same way every. single. time: “oh that’s good…really good.” (He only says the “really good” because he thinks I’m looking for a better response —which is true and totally appropriate). My hope is to inspire others to get out their paper, scissors, and pictures, and travel into the scrap-island just like me! I hope that you’ve gained some inspiration from searching my blog or watching my process videos!


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