Since I love a challenge…I’m going to attempt to describe myself in 5 words.

1. God-loving

2. Loyal

3. obsessed-scrapbooker-wannabe

4. Driven

5. Over-analyzer (says David)

Let’s face it, I can’t just say a few words and be done; I’m a talker. I’m a good listener too–which leads me into my next thought. I am also a therapist, which according to my husband means I’m a “mind ninja” because I over-analyze everything in my personal life. Which is (mostly) true, but at least I’m not an under-analyzer (I made it up to make myself feel better). I digress. Even though you really can’t digress when you never even started the story. Back on track for real this time. What can I say? You’re visiting my blog because you most likely saw a crafty post that led you here. I love scrap booking. It takes me into a fantasy world (except it’s real) where I can get lost and just create. The best part is when I’m done and stare at my page for a good minute or so, I then show my husband and he responds the same way every. single. time: “oh that’s good…really good.” (He only says the “really good” because he thinks I’m looking for a better response —which is true and totally appropriate). My hope is to inspire others to get out their paper, scissors, and pictures, and travel into the scrap-island just like me! I hope that you’ve gained some inspiration from searching my blog or watching my process videos!

One more thing—you know that question people ask you about taking 3 things to a deserted island. My 3 things would be my Silhouette Cameo (assuming that there is an electrical system), Dear Lizzy herself (I need someone to chat with about scrap booking since I’ll be bored), and the Dictionary (it serves as a double-purpose. I could become the next Spelling Bee champ plus I love it as an accent on my scrapbook pages).

That’s all.


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